Smith Content Partners with Pixicom


Baltimore marketing communications firm Smith Content announced a partnership today with web development outfit Pixicom. With this collaboration, the two companies hope to enhance their respective clients’ sales flow through marketing consultation and user-friendly web design services.

As his company expands its national network of partnerships in the area of content-rich marketing communications, Smith Content CEO John Starling says this newest deal will provide clients with an alternative to taking the traditional agency route. “Clients will benefit from having access to the design partner and the content developer, directly,” he says. “It establishes a virtual agency relationship between the client and its partners.”

Pixicom Principal Rebecca Wyatt believes that the partnership with a content development firm will enable her company to serve its clients better by providing them with an expertise that most companies don’t possess. “We normally leave content development up to our clients, who can choose to use in-house writers or outsource. Unfortunately, most clients don’t have the in-house capability, so it’s great to have a partner that can complete that piece of the puzzle.”


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