Microsoft Blogs Save Space for Ads


With its latest update of MSN Spaces, Microsoft is planning to incorporate a revenue-sharing advertising option and a new partnership with, according to various sources.

Seeing as they now number over 28.3 million, blogs have become a huge target for advertising and other types of marketing.

According to, MSN Spaces is apparently partnering with online ad provider Kanoodle. As a result MSN Spaces bloggers can choose ads to display, and share in revenues based on the number of clicks generated. Amazon is also reportedly playing a role in the advertising push, but neither MSN, Kanoodle nor Amazon are providing comment at press time.

MSN Spaces is structured similarly to the social networking models of MySpace and Flickr, whereby users can share photos, post blogs and personalize their space with colors and themes. Some of the new enhancements to the service include integration with the XBOX 360 Gaming System, as well as a “Live Contacts” feature, which automatically informs subscribers of any updated blog entries.



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