ID3 Puts Podcasting to Print


For those of you who want to stay up-to-date on the vicissitudes of the podcasting but still happen to like the feel of paper in you hands, there’s a new option for getting your information: ID3—a print magazine that will focus on “things around podcasting that will help not only those who are seasoned, but also taking a focus on newbies: tools, tips and tricks, hardware, software, reviews,” according to ID3 co-founder and podcaster Kristopher Smith.

To get ID3 off the ground, Smith and his co-founder, marketer Todd Andrlik, have assembled a diverse editorial team of podcasting experts whose specialties range from mass media production and intellectual property law, to software development and digital rights advocacy. “We’ve got Tony Kahn from WGBH, Garrick Van Buren, Dan Klass from the Bitterest Pill, Nicole Simon,” says Smith. “We’ve got these seasoned people who have not only been doing some writing, but also covered certain genres of podcasting: business focus, big-media focus, the small guy approach… we’re trying to cover our bases.”

ID3 will be published bi-monthly, with the first issue available in May (sign up for a subscription through the magazine’s website). In addition to the print version of the magazine, ID3 will also be available to read online, and can also be listened to as a podcast. The company is also seeking advertisers related to the podcasting field for the print, online, and podcast editions.


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