Google Tightens Lead in Search Rankings

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According to November’s comScore Media Matrix stats, Google is still the leader of the pack when it comes to search. The ever-expanding online giant has maintained its sizeable lead in the U.S. search market, winning 39.8% of all searches conducted compared to 29.5% for closest rival Yahoo and 14.2% for MSN. The numbers also reflect that Google’s search share has been steadily increasing over the last few years, growing by 5.2 percentage points in 2005 (while Yahoo’s has declined by 2.5%).

Still, Yahoo held a slight edge over Google in relation to toolbar searches–which constituted 12% of all searches—taking 48.5% of the share versus 46.4% for the latter. Overall, U.S. online users conducted 5.15 billion searches online in November 2005 alone, with #1 Google reaping 2.05 billion of those searches; last place AskJeeves garnered only 336.3 million.