Google Tests Two New AdWords Features


Google launched a beta this week for its AdWords Editor application. The search company has quietly been testing out two new features for AdWords advertisers including a desktop application to manage AdWords campaigns and longer text ads.

As a downloadable account management application for Windows, AdWords Editor allows users to make changes to multiple AdWords campaigns, in multiple accounts, and then upload the collective changes to Google’s system.

Though the application is only available in English, for Windows 2000 or Windows XP users so far, Google plans to add other languages and platforms in the future. The company revealed little about AdWords Editor in its talks with ClickZ, offering this statement, “We are currently conducting a test of the AdWords Editor with a limited number of advertisers. In the future, we plan to open this up to a broader set of advertisers. At this time we don’t have any specific details to share about the scope of the test or future plans.”

The other feature Google is currently working on is longer text ads on its search results page. The company is starting to allow some advertisers and keywords to roll over the 70-character limit. Yahoo, in December, went in the other direction cutting its original 190-character limit to 70-characters. Neither company could be reached for comment by press time.


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