Google Mobile Adds Personalized Homepages


Following fast on the heels of Yahoo’s move into personalized mobile home pages, Google announced on Thursday the launch of their own personalized mobile home page platform, a description of which can currently be found on the official Google blog.

According to Google software engineer Abhijit Kalamkar (author of the post which revealed the platform’s debut), the new product will allow mobile users to “view the things that you really care about, from your Gmail inbox to news headlines, weather, stock quotes, and feeds (Atom or RSS). The interface is optimized for small screens, and we’ve arranged things so you don’t have to click on a bunch of links to locate what you’re after…”

Users must first visit the main Google site to set up their personalized home pages; then, by visiting the “Google Personalized Homepage“, mobile mavens can get all the information they need to download their personalized content onto their phones (which must support XHTML to utilize the service).

Google is still in negotiations with several mobile phone carriers to make their site the default link to the internet on mobile devices; until those deals can be finalized, most mobile carriers will continue to charge fees for access the Web from their phones.


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