What they do: Gawker Media is one of the most notorious, widely-known blogging networks. Their flagship site,, is a biting, eclectic mix of New York pop culture, media news, celebrity gossip and plenty of opinions. They publish several other blogs, all widely trafficked, including the liberal pundit blog Wonkette, gadget blog Gizmodo, and the personal productivity blog Lifehacker. They’ve been featured in the main stream media, including the New York Times, the LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, and Wired. Sponsors have included British Airways, Nike, Warner Brothers, Paramount, and Fox Searchlight Films.

Why you should buy: Gawker Media served more than 40 million impressions during December of 2005. They consider themselves a major influence on main stream media, and claim that about 20 main stream stories per week are influenced by posts on Gawker Media, and that their blogs are able to influence the purchasing decisions of readers. 59% of Gawker Media blog readers are 18-34 years old.

Format/How much: Gawker offers IAB-standard ad units, as well as sponsorships and custom packages.
468×60 big banner
728×90 leaderboard banner
120×102 button
300×250 medium rectangle
120×600 skyscraper
160×600 wide skyscraper

Typical CPM rates range from $4-10. Prices vary, depending on the blog on which they appear. Gawker also sells ad packages to include ads across several sites. Text ads are also available via AdBrite, and Wonkette also incorporates Blogads in place of the skyscrapers.



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