FTC Fights Cybercrime With New Site


Still don’t understand how to avoid becoming a victim of an Internet crime? To help you sort out all your questions, the FTC (in partnership with 13 private organizations and five federal agencies) launched a website yesterday to bring you up to speed.

Using interactive quizzes, the website educates on topics including ID theft, phishing, spam and online-shopping scams. Get the wrong answer and the site will explain in detail exactly why the consumer could be putting himself in harm’s way with such behavior.

“We’re trying to make the information as accessible as possible, with tips so people can take action,” Nat Wood, the FTC’s assistant director for consumer and business education, offered in a statement.

And for those who have already found themselves victims of Internet crime, the site also aims to help them find their way out of trouble: consumers can learn how to recover from identity theft, keep an eye on credit histories and find out how to create a safe password.

The OnGuard Online site is not copyrighted—in fact, the FTC is encouraging companies to download the information and spread the word. “The increasing concern about online threats is one of the reasons we could put together such a blue-chip coalition for a program like this,” says Wood. “E-commerce is great, but we just want people to have the tools to use it safely.”


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