Fidelity Assets Reveals Suite of Campaign Management Tools


Fidelity Assets, a highly specialized online marketing and advertising company that offers SEM solutions exclusively for real estate brokers and agents, unveiled two new services at this week’s Real Estate Connect conference. The products—Web Leads and Web Traffic—will help manage and optimize Fidelity Assets’ clients’ online marketing campaigns.

Web Leads aims to attract perspective home buyers and sellers to click-through to a landing page that is personalized to each agent, and will collect information about those buyers and sellers to assist them in their home buying efforts. The Web Traffic service, on the other hand, will use highly refined campaign management tools to leverage traffic from Google, AOL, Yahoo! and MSN, allowing the client to promote their listings or websites and geographically target active real estate buyers and sellers.

With these services the client pays only for the number of unique visitors that visit their website or landing page every month, in addition to a set-up fee.

“We are thrilled to debut our services at Real Estate Connect, where leading real estate agents and brokers can discover how our products can help their businesses grow,” explains Fidelity Assets CEO Andy Steuer in a statement. “Our unique strength is the personalized results each client derives from our products. When a real estate agent or mortgage broker becomes our client, we build a customized search engine marketing program precisely targeting home buyers and sellers actively searching for real estate in their market.”


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