Engage In-Game Advertising Launches With SUBWAY


With in-game advertising methods becoming more innovative by the day, it only makes sense that someone should create a business around it. Today San Francisco-based Engage In-Game Advertising became the first independent in-game media company to provide strategic planning and placement services targeted specifically for video game advertising.

How is Engagedifferent? Their platform allows brand to target their audiences geographically by serving companies on regional and local levels, on a market-by-market basis. First to test the company’s offerings is none other than SUBWAY, the ubiquitous fast-food chain, which hopes to target men in the 18 to 34 demographic in several designated market areas including San Francisco, Las Vegas and Sacramento.

“Since it’s a relatively new medium, many companies are unaware of the promotional reach and creative flexibility video game advertising can provide when trying to target the elusive 18- to 34-year-old male audience,” said David Smith, Vice President of Business Development for Engage, in a release. “When done correctly — and the in-game ads contextually support the game environment — we’re finding gamers are in favor of video game advertising because it enhances the realism of the game play. As a result, our clients are discovering that in-game advertising is connecting well with their key customers.”

Engage boasts that with only three weeks ofadvertising in an un-named but “popular” game, SUBWAY achieved more than 19,000 eyeball hours of exposure and reached 31,000 unique gamers.

“Not only was the campaign incredibly effective in connecting with our target audience, but it was cost effective as well,” said Shawn Hazeghazam, a local advertising board chair for SUBWAY. “Our post-campaign survey showed a 94 percent ad recall among our target audience. For every penny we paid, our brand received one minute of exposure. This in-game program really delivered for us, at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising mediums.”


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