What they do: Founded in 1994 by Matt Drudge as an email weekly, DrudgeReport.com, a member of The Intermarkets News Channel, is now a world-renowned news source providing several, daily-updated links to breaking news stories. The Drudge Report focuses on hard-hitting stories that often go overlooked by traditional news outlets. Ads are published through Intermarkets.

Why you should buy: DrudgeReport.com received 1.2 million daily unique visitors, with 9 million daily page views 270 million monthly page views The site experiences click-through rates of 0.25% – 1.00%.

Format/How much
728×90 leaderboard – $6.00CPM – $3,000/500,000 impressions
180×150 rectangle – $3.00CPM – $3,000/1,000,000 impressions
300×250 rectangle – $10.00CPM – $3,000/300,000 impressions
120×600 skyscraper – $3.00CPM – $3,000/1,000,000 mpressions

728×90 (top) – $8,000/day
300×250 (top) – $10,000/day
180×150 – $5,000/day
120×600 – $5,000/day

Buy sponsorships on a daily or weekly basis for an exclusive presence, or buy spots in the regular rotation.

Ad formats available: .jpg, .gif, animated .gif, .swf, Java Script
Rich Media: Eyeblaster, Eyewonder, Klipmart and others (additional CPM fee)
Redirects accepted, except Zedo ad server tags.

Intermarkets provides ad serving through Fastclick.com ad-server.

Contact: Will Trommelen, drudgereport@intermarkets.net
703-242-7878 option 1

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