Crest Rolls Out Age-Defying Campaign


Aren’t you glad teeth whitening has replaced the wooden chompers of Washington and the golden bling of Master P? If nothing else, pearly whites certainly shed some years from our face. This is exactly the inspiration that Procter & Gamble’s Crest is drawing from in their latest ad campaign for Crest Whitestrips Renewal.

The campaign, which focuses on how a white smile will “Keep Them Guessing” about your age, utilizes multiple channels – including print and TV spots, and in-store displays – to get the word out for their latest product. On Monday, Crest also launched their first ever interactive microsite – currently being promoted via online media and monthly newsletters—featuring detailed product information, coupon offers and interactive features such as games and entertainment.

“Our main objective of the campaign is to really surround consumers with the ‘Keep Them Guessing’ thematic in unexpected ways to maximize the impact of the message amongst consumers and the media,” says David Dintenfass, Associate Marketing Director of the company’s Global Whitening division. “We wanted consumers to hear ‘Keep Them Guessing’ and think Crest Whitestrips Renewal.”

More of the microsite’s “consumer-interactive based” features will be rolled out through the beginning of February including an interactive game and a photo contest. As Dintenfass explains, “We have actually developed an interactive game loosely based upon the game Mastermind. Users are faced with a choice of six models claiming to make pop culture statements.” He adds, “Based upon claims, users match up the models that appear in the correct age range with their related pop culture references. The game is timed and there are several rounds.”

As for the photo contest, which Dintenfass says will also be rolled out towards the beginning of February, participants will be allowed to nominate and submit their own age-defying duos that keep people guessing, which he notes will be kicked off with a “surprising, dynamic celebrity duo.”

While we ponder who might be the faces – or teeth – of Crest Whitestrips Renewal, there are prizes at stake for the contest winners. “America can visit to enter and post photos in our online gallery for a chance to win amazing prizes including a grand prize trip to a hot location, complete with a makeover, professional photo shoot and $2,500 in spending money,” Dintenfass offers. “America will then have the opportunity to vote for the duo they think appears closest in age. Nine second place winning duos will receive a prize of two $200 gift certificates to a local spa and two kits of Crest Whitestrips Renewal.”

Crest is targeting women 35 and older for this campaign, with the hopes of tapping into the growing popularity of non-invasive anti-aging products. And with the costs of professional whitening treatments on the rise, Crest hopes to offer a welcome, affordable solution.

“The current growth in the anti-aging marketplace, the public’s desire for non-invasive ways to look younger and, most importantly, feedback from our current consumers telling us they wanted something in this category, all led us to bring Crest Whitestrips Renewal to life,” Dintenfass concludes. “Tying the integrated marketing campaign together with Crest Whitestrips’ first micro-site is an exciting new way to interact with our consumers.”


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