ConsumerBase Launches Behavioral Targeting Search Engine


ConsumerBase, a multi-channel e-marketing agency, today launched a search engine called which will make user online activity available to direct marketers. ResponderInfo users will be able to scan through Responder Categories to locate prospective consumers by attributes like names, and postal and email addresses.

The data is collected when consumers respond to or click-through email offers and is then organized into particular categories which can then be purchased with major credit cards during the download. This information comes directly from the ConsumerBase database that contains some 76 million consumers. With this launch, ConsumerBase hopes to tap into behavioral marketing to track consumer behavior to help marketers better target their audiences.

“Simply put, past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior,” says Larry Organ, the company’s chief executive. “For those selling a product or service, what people do is what matters most. What they say is irrelevant. Now, ResponderInfo gives access to that information to companies focused on client acquisition.”


  1. I beg to disagree with the concept that past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior. If a person just bought a refrigerator, chances are pretty good that for the next 15 years, they are out of that market. Getting their past behavior will not make a future sale. However, I do agree with monitoring real-time or current behavior as an indicator of potential future behavior, assuming that monitoring is accurate and pre-defined to respond to the prospect.

    However, how is behavioral technology, going to help in developing a new product or concept? I think it is more important that we “create behavior.” That seems to me the standard that has always guided good advertising and media placement.


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