CNN Brings in Money for Online Re-branding


CNN and Time Inc.’s Money Magazine have teamed up for the re-launch of Though CNN has had a partnership with Money Magazine since 2001, they’ve now built up a new site that combines content from both CNN and all of Time’s business and financial publications including Money, Fortune, and Business 2.0. CNN business-oriented video also appears on the site.

According to Vivek Shah, FORTUNE/Money Group Director of Digital Publishing, pairing up online only made sense. “We had highly complementary audiences: business people and investors who didn’t want to bounce around and seek things out. They wanted a single destination that they could choose from a full broad array of content.”

In addition to the gamut of new content, the site features a re-designed interface that offers cleaner lines and more user-intuitive navigation.

As a result, is now a one-stop source for business and financial information—one which, according to Shah, has already been well received by visitors and advertisers alike. “We’ve gotten [a] surprising volume of user email that has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’ve [gotten]… a lot of feedback from those in the … advertising community, and it’s just been universally very well received we’ve been very pleased with the reactions.” And as of yesterday’s launch, “our page views for the day were more than two times our daily average of the old site. So we were pretty happy with that.”

Be on the lookout for a corresponding online, print, and TV ad campaign to bring in new visitors and advertisers.


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