Launches Site for Valentine’s Day Lovers and Haters


February is on its way–the time when Ferrero Rocher chocolates start their ascent to the top of sales charts and pink teddy bears embroidered with the words “I Luv You” fill Duane Reade shelves near and far.

Of course, not everyone likes the holiday. The Valentine’s Day Scrooges of the world will undoubtedly argue that what the Saint’s holiday really is, is a Hallmark scam.

There’s good news, today, for both the believer and the nonbeliever alike., a leading online marketplace that offers sellers complete e-commerce services, has announced today the official launch of its Valentine’s/Anti-Valentine’s Day shopping page and its Anti-Valentine’s contest. So while the believer can hit the site for a few girlfriend/boyfriend pleasers, the nonbeliever can enter the Anti-Valentine’s contest by submitting Anti-Valentine’s Day themed designs to win one of three iPods.

“Five years ago customers wanted nothing but hearts, roses and chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Now it’s a fight to the finish between the Valentine’s Day supporters and opponents,” explains CafePress co-founder and VP of Business Development Maheesh Jain in a statement. “Judging by what we have seen so far I’m not sure what will sell better, Anti or Pro Valentine’s Day merchandise. I can’t wait to see.” is known for its user created merchandise. The site offers users the tools to create and run an online shop, create their own gift items for friends and family, and a marketplace for purchasing a wide variety of whatchamacallits.

Finally, love-haters will be rewarded for holding fast against Hallmark’s day in the sun… and they’ll have the iPods to prove it.


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