Buy the Last 1000 Million Dollar Homepage Pixels


This week marks the end of the Million Dollar Home Page, the web site that was divided up into 10×10 pixel blocks and sold off as advertising at $1.00 a pixel. The last 1,000 pixels are up for auction on eBay. Current bid: over $145,000. was conceived when 21-year-old Brit Alex Tew was looking for a viable way to pay off the impending cost of school and its associated debts, and become a millionaire in the process. As of this week, Tew has now surpassed his goal of generating $1M. According to his blog, last week his site has received more than 2 million visitors, and is at the very top of the Alexa search engine’s movers and shakers list.

As a result of Tew’s success, numerous copycats have emerged in recent months, including Million Pixel Home Page,, the Million Penny Home Page, a million foreign domain extension variations thereof, and even Pixels For Jesus. Meanwhile, Tew’s original, according to its creator, will stay online for as long as possible, at least through 2010.


  1. […] By far, one of the strangest fads in internet advertising in 2005 has been the advent of the pixel advertising web site. It started as an idea by British student Alex Tew who decided to raise $1 million to pay for school. The novelty of the site, The Million Dollar Homepage, spawned not only $1M for him, but also about a million other copycat sites by other folks looking to get rich without lifting a finger. […]

  2. I believe that Alex’s site still generates some indirect value for advertisers at least by improving their visibility in search engines. It has a PageRank of 7 and many still continue to add links to it (by the way, this article has just added one link). So, getting the link from website with such a high PageRank for as low as 1$ it is clearly a reasonable investment.
    Good luck to all the copycats :)

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