BlogMedia Erati Network Launches


This week, BlogMedia Inc., an online publisher of a unique variety of content, took a step in the direction of expansion with the launch of its “BlogMedia and Erati Media Network”—a conglomeration of topical subject-focused weblogs. The network has premiered with a portfolio of 20 sites, divided evenly between BlogMedia and Erati: the BlogMedia side of operations tackles specific subjects like celebrity gossip, TV shows, Sports and blogging, while the Erati division takes up broader topics and focuses on more creative, opinion-based writing. (Note: language on the Erati sites may not be appropriate for all readers.)The new network is designed to encourage community-building and in-depth conversation. “We launched the BlogMedia & Erati Media blog network because we wanted to connect our experts and those interested in a topic to interact in a way that allowed their passion and energy to flourish,” BlogMedia VP of Online Services, Matt Craven, said in a statement. Eventually BlogMedia, which has been in business since 1994, intends to expand the network into a blog community, offering opportunities for other sites to join, as well; a blogring-style affiliate system, an ad network and community forums are also in the works.

The hope is that these new developments will help bolster the value of the company’s current properties, which include BloggerJobs, a site that posts blog-related job info, and the Blog Network List, a site that profiles and ranks different blog networks.


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