Ben Edelman Speaks Out Against Affiliate Adware Use


Esteemed spyware/adware expert Ben Edelman has offered up his latest take on the adware dilemma that continues to cloud industry waters. Last week Edelman spoke at length with affiliate marketing veteran Jeff Molander about the controversial and influential phenomenon of adware use among affiliates.

Edelman’s statements – which Molander has divided into a five-part audio series, posting the first two installments on and the full downloadable interview on — cover a variety of topics, including basic concepts for understanding how adware propagates and funds various third party beneficiaries, as well as the effectiveness of affiliates’ quality assurance teams and the steps they should take to protect advertisers.

“Addressing the problem – catching and punishing the adware bad guys – requires X, Y and Z,” Molander explains. “Edelman doesn’t tap dance much in his analysis of things and he’s not afraid to present his final analysis of the situation. He can afford to be brutally candid as his statements are founded on precise research and logical methodologies. He actually gives examples and explains, in layman’s terms, what advertisers need to expect and then demand in terms of assistance from networks.”

Molander adds that Edelman’s research is central to creating change in affiliate-advertiser relations. “Advertisers are forced to realize that paying for tracking and reporting technology based on a percentage of sales sounds wonderful, but is, in practice, far from a perfect model. I felt then, as I do now, that advertising decision-makers at all levels need to be more aware of the facts and analysis Edelman’s research has yielded.”


  1. This has to be the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard — making ads smaller, so that you can pay less for smaller ads. What the heck is wrogn with these people, especially in trying to find SOMETHING new to sell. Whats next? Microads that you have to use a microscope to see?


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