AT&T Spends $500 Million to Deliver Us the World


After kicking off the offline portion of its massive $500 million re-branding campaign through TV and outdoor display ads last week, the newly merged AT&T/SBC Communications is now getting their online component underway. This is the second half of an ambitious promotion—based around the company’s new tagline, “Your World. Delivered”—that is aimed not only at toasting the recently approved $16 billion union of both companies, but at re-introducing one of the most time-honored brand names in telecom to consumers thrown off by all the chaos and consolidation in said industry.

According to a press statement from AT&T CEO Edward E. Whitacre, Jr., “This campaign reflects that the new AT&T delivers what customers want most — the latest technology and services, backed by quality, reliability and integrity. This campaign will bring to life our pledge to deliver the real and proven solutions that enable our customers — consumers, small businesses, federal government agencies, global and regional corporations — to take charge of their world.”

AdAge reports that the online media buy is structured so that, starting this week, about half of all Web visitors this month will see ads for the brand. Basing its calculations using data from ComScore MediaMetrix 2.0, AT&T estimates that its campaign will reach 137.8 million unique users, or about 46% of the expected 280 million unique users who will be online for the month.

The Web portion of the ad campaign — designed and implemented by Omnicom Group’s GSD&M, Austin, Texas – will feature an array of home-page takeovers, including a full-page introductory ad on ESPN’s homepage, Flash-enabled banners, sponsorships and dual ad units synchronized on the same page, as well as TV spots on sites ranging from to

In addition, for this business week only, AT&T is partnering with Investor’s Business Daily to treat market-savvy visitors to free access to the latter’s site. This entails free use of IBD’s proprietary lists of stock leaders, including IBD 100, Top-Rated Low-Priced Stocks Under $10, IBD Stock Checkup and more. In a recent statement, IBD’s SVP of Marketing & Business Development, Jessica Jensen, shared her company’s satisfaction at being allied with the new AT&T. “We’re pleased to have AT&T sponsor’s Free Access Week. This is the first time we’ve offered access to all of the site’s powerful and unique investing tools for free. It will give people a chance to explore our outstanding stock lists and discover information critical to their investing success.”


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