AtomFilms Opens Up Studio


Launched in 1999, is renowned for serving up a huge library of independent short films from animation and comedy to music videos, drama, action, and scifi. But now that other larger companies like Yahoo, Google, and of course iTunes, are getting into the online video game, Atom has decided to raise the bar with AtomFilms Studio.

AtomFilms Studio will invest in and help finance selected film projects. With no physical production facilities, AtomFilms plans to leave that task up to the film’s producers, though they do plan to shell out “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” according to an Associated Press comment from AtomFilms founder & CEO Mika Salmi. In a press statement, Salmi adds, “AtomFilms Studio increases our commitment and value to content creators, giving them an environment to develop new projects and advance their careers — all while maintaining creative control.”

The Studio also plans to exercise less control over a production than a big Hollywood studio in order to encourage creativity and expression. With six films currently in production, AtomFilms hopes to have at least three dozen in the works by the end of 2006.

AtomFilms is entirely ad-supported, has about 5 million registered users, and has been profitable for about three years. The addition of AtomFilms Studio won’t change AtomFilms’ core business model, as they will still continue to license video that has already been produced elsewhere.


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