AOL Buys Truveo Video Search Company


With the purchase of Truveo, a real-time video search engine, AOL has moved forward with the expansion of the video search capabilities on its new open portal. Truveo can now be accessed via AOL’s video search page, which currently offers both AOL-produced video and more than 2.5 million results from the SingingFish audio-video search engine they acquired in 2003. The Truveo acquisition was finalized on Dec. 31, 2005, making it the largest Time-Warner purchase of 2005 and joining the ranks of other ’05 AOL purchases including Weblogs Inc. and Music Now.

The addition of Truveo brings with it a unique “Visual Crawling” search technology that can interpret dynamic web pages, scan the websites of popular video content provider, and serve up real-time results which include news, sports, and entertainment. “The next few years will see a dramatic increase in the amount of video available on the web,” said Truveo CEO Dr. Tim Tuttle in a statement. “Truveo has spent the past two years assembling a world-class team and developing powerful technology uniquely capable of finding and indexing this vast amount of web video.”

Moving ever further away from its former subscription model, AOL has been consistent of late in its attempts to increasing the strength of its content, with the goal, of course, of growing its user base overall. Earlier, AOL entered into a $1 billion partnership with Google to integrate AOL video with Google video search results.


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