What they do: Founded in 1997 (as The Mining Company) by Scott Kurnit and a dedicated group of entrepreneurs. In 2001, About, Inc. was acquired by PRIMEDIA Inc. and in 2005 About, Inc. was acquired by The New York Times Company. Their Guides, which are nationally respected, have won numerous awards for their work in and outside of About’s pages: Sean O’Neill, Two-time Olympian and Five-time National Champion in US Singles Table Tennis; Susan Breslow Sardonne, Named ‘Best of the Web’ in the Romantic Travel category earlier this year by Forbes.com; and Mary Shomon, Nominated in 2005 for the Quills Award for her 2004 New York Times Bestseller, “The Thyroid Diet,” among others.

Why should you buy: According to Nielsen NetRatings, About.com is a top 15 Web property used by one out of every five people on the Internet. The site holds a valued role in the lives of more than 20 million opinion leaders as a preferred source of original consumer information and advice and its content driven format promotes a unique digital “word-of-mouth” buzz that increases brand awareness and motivates sales. Whether it’s for home repair and decorating ideas, recipes, movie trailers, or car buying tips, About.com’s Guides offer practical advice and solutions for every day life. Its unique Guide System ensures the quality of information on its 500 Guidesites and 23 ChannelsAbout.com has unparalleled reach and an extensive viewership that connects to more women than iVillage.com, more men than ESPN.com and more teens than MTV.com.

  • Total Audience: 29 million Unique Visitors Each Month
  • Median Age: 41.1 years
  • Median Household Income: $61,836
  • Male/Female: 36%/64%

Format/How much: About.com uses DART for Publishers to serve their ads. All clients receive usernames and passwords to access DART reporting. About accepts GIFs, JPEGs, HTML, JavaScript, Shockwave, Flash (through MX), Real Video, United Virtualities, Eyeblaster, ViewPoint / Unicast, Atlas Rich Media, Eyewonder, Interpolls, Bluestreak, CommFlash, PointRoll, AdInterax and DART Motif. At least 5 Business Days is required to test new Third Party Advertising. The standard for all paid advertisements is to launch a new browser and leave the About base page intact (this is the case for both in-page and intrusive creative)
Ad Unit Specifications:

  • IAB Standard Advertising Units
  • Intrusive & Rich Media
  • Pre-Roll Streaming Video Ads
  • Targeting
  • About Newsletters
  • About Special Advertising Packages

Contact: http://beanadvertiser.about.com/rates.html; Sales Department, 212-204-1548


  1. About.com has also treated its content writers (guides) very unfairly.

    A group of former guides is suing them for not paying for the content they developed for About.com.

    Me, I was fired for not being “a good team player” for complaining that their porn site was showing up when someone searched on “teens” on my family-oriented site there. (The porn sites have been since removed. I was right.)

    The guides are encouraged to write in such a way as to sell whatever ads are appearing on their sites. I remember being encouraged to figure out some way air conditioning could be discussed in my subject area – education?

    About.com was sleazy when it started out as TheMiningCo.com, and has only improved a little.

    Guides of 10+ years standing are let go with little warning, after being told their sites were not up to par. It has become standard knowledge to guides that get this letter not to bother. They are going to be fired whether or not they spend the next week with no sleep!


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