Around the World with BBH’s Cindy Gallop, Keynote Speaker, Ad:Tech NY 2005


After spending her early days with the company managing ad campaigns for big businesses like Texaco, Polaroid and Ray-Ban from her UK turf, Gallop began a globe-spanning jaunt that eventually led her to her dream: New York City.

“In ’96 I moved out to Singapore to help start the Asian-Pacific [BBH] office as the number two there,” she explains. “[And by]’98, I was able to fulfill my yearning, ambition, and dream to come to New York and open up our New York office— and that’s where I’ve been for the last seven years.”

With Madison Avenue figuring as the center point of her career ambitions, Ad:Tech New York has always seemed a perfect platform from which to allow Gallop to evangelize—and luckily, this year, Ad:Tech Chair Susan Bratton saw the light. Upon meeting Gallop in Monterey last February at TED (the Technology Entertainment and Design conference), Bratton did the right thing and snagged her to become one of Ad:Tech’s keynote speakers of 2005.

Though Gallop won’t reveal much of what she’ll specifically address in her speech, she does offer some peripheral info on what to expect: “The overall theme of the conference is ‘The Age of Engagement’, and I know that all speakers have been briefed to really bring their own particular experiences to bear on talking about how in this year… we’ve absolutely moved [away] from the old model of the age of interruption, where commercial messages basically banged consumers over the head until they sunk in.”

“[There are] some overarching principles which I believe hold true wherever you find commercial messages. I actually want to focus very specifically on how you can optimally engage consumers within the digital interactive space, because I think there are some interesting points to be made about how one might …do that [differently].”

Most of all, it seems, Gallop aims to open minds when it comes to dealing with advertising dollars in this new environment. “What I really want to do is to try to give people some… provocative insights into how one might think very specifically about how you operate in this ‘Age of Engagement,'” she says, “without going down what I consider…[to be] the clique roots for marketing and communications.”

And to Gallop’s own mind, conferences like Ad:Tech provide the perfect opportunity to share these ideas with the advertising masses.


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