3rd Annual Marketing to Women


April 17-18, 2007
Old Mill Inn & Spa

3rd Annual Marketing to Women
Look Who’s Talking: Today’s Empowered & Most Coveted Consumer

Who’s the apple of marketers’ eye? It’s women, thanks to their one-two punch of purchasing power and decision-making authority. Women have emerged as a potent force in the marketplace, changing the way companies design, position and sell their products and services. No business owner can afford to ignore women, and few would admit to doing so. But not ignoring them is not the same as attracting them, and attracting them is not the same as winning their loyalty. This conference will help marketers understand the personal and professional priorities that motivate women, discover how to establish a rapport with women through products, services and advertising that complement her complex lifestyle and learn how to gain a competitive edge by capturing her loyalty.

This two-day event is targeted to all top tiers in the marketing realm, from CEOs, VPs and Creative Directors to Planners, Account Directors and Product Managers. Those agencies and brands in attendance include Toy NY, FEM/Quiller & Blake Advertising, MasterCard Canada, and Unilever Canada.

Call: Mary at 416-526-4578 or email mary@opendialogueinc.com


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