How to Write a Report Essay


How to Write a Report Essay

The words report and essay are often interchanged in school when students are required to submit a form of formal documentation about a specific subject. However, a report is more likely required for business matters, scientific subjects, as well as technical topics. Professionals are also often asked for reports in their line of work. A report essay is a short, concise document which is intended for a specific reader or audience. It provides an analysis of a situation and sometimes gives a recommendation. It needs to be organized and clear.

Writing a report essay requires that you present your findings or analysis based on practical research. It starts with the purpose of investigating and forming a probably hypothesis that will be put to the test. You can begin your report essay with a question and your aim is to answer that throughout your report. The answers will be coming from the research that you make on already existing theories and comparing them with your own evaluation. However, only include research results that help support your own conclusions.

The content of a report essay is generally descriptive. It reports sequential events such as studies or survey results. Make sure that it includes your own evaluation when you formulate your conclusive statements and provide your own recommendations. Your report essay may also be discursive or evaluative. This depends on the type of questions your essay is trying to answer. The body usually requires a synthesis of knowledge that you acquired from related sources and from other writers’ opinions and claims.

Just like any other essay, your report essay should start with an introduction and end with a conclusion. Your findings and analysis are written in the body of the essay. This type of essay also has a fixed structure. How you divide your report essay into sections would depend on the intention of your report and of course, the instructions and preferences of your instructor or department requirements. It should aim to convey specific details to give the audience information while a regular essay allows the audience to answer the questions themselves.

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