How to Include Quotes in an Essay


How to Include Quotes in an Essay

Using quotes in an essay would depend on the type of formatting that is required for the paper. There are different styles of formatting but if one is not assigned, there are general rules that you can follow when you include quotes in an essay. Quotations can provide significant supporting evidences and give readers perspective on the subject. However, when you include quotes inappropriately, it could clutter your essay and disrupt the flow of thought in your argument.

Including direct quotations involve copying the exact words from your sources in your own essay. Do not include too many quotes in your paper because the focus of your essay should be your understanding of the topic. The quotes that you should include in your essay should be those that are elegant or are powerful enough that they stand out. It may be a passage that you want to use to confirm the eligibility of your own argument by using the authority of that voice. The quote may also be a good material to analyze or it could be something that you want to argue with. If you do not wish to do a direct quote, you can either paraphrase or summarize specific passages.

The most important thing to do when using quotes in an essay is to properly identify your sources. Your readers deserve to know where they came from and the author deserves the credit for their words. In your quotation, enclose the sentence or phrase in quotation marks. Then, identify the original author of the material or the title of the piece if there is no known author in a parenthesis or a parenthetical citation. Include the page number or verses. The punctuation of that sentence should come after the ending quotation mark and parenthetical citation. At the end of your essay, include a complete reference of all the quotes that you used on your Works Cited page. An example of a direct quote with the proper formatting is:

According to WriteMyEssay, sustainable weight loss is only possible through “continued dieting, regular exercising and vigilant monitoring of body weight” (289).

This is the typical format for including and referencing short quotations. Longer quotations require that you place the quote in a new paragraph and indent it. Then, include the citation in parenthesis after the punctuation.


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